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National Organization of Deported Migrants (NODM)

National Organization of Deported Migrants (NODM) is a registered non-governmental organization and operates as a social enterprise organization that was founded by deported persons, and supporters of deported persons, for the social, economic, and legal interests of all Jamaicans involuntarily returned to their homeland. The organization came about following a research project “Rights and Awareness/Action workshops”, undertaken under the leadership of the late Professor Bernard Headley.

The overall aim of the project was to inform, as well as educate recently deported Jamaicans (those returning from Great Britain, Canada and the United States), of their citizenship and legal rights under Jamaican law and the Constitution. Additionally, the project was intended to assist deported migrants and their families with issues of resettling in Jamaica, bring deported migrants into networking and organizational contact with one another and encourage deported migrants to form mutual social support system(s).

The main activity was to conduct, during the 18-month life of the project, a total of 15 workshops: 6 “Deported Migrants Rights Awareness” workshops, and 9 “Action Research” workshops. Through this research, several challenges affecting deported migrants and their families were identified. These challenges included: income generation, housing and securing identification.
The idea to organize the deported migrant population into an entity that could directly take on the expressed challenges was born out of discussions with project participants led by Professor Headley.

Since its establishment, NODM has received grants from the British High Commission for capacity building, startup cost, website development as well as to set up and manage a 6-month helpline for Involuntarily Returned Migrants (IRMs). The purpose of the helpline was to provide practical help and advice to deported migrants seeking assistance in their resettlement efforts. The project was funded through UK’s Rehabilitation and Reintegration Programme, which supports the reintegration of deported persons and local ex-offenders. Through this pilot project, the data collected by NODM demonstrated that there was a high degree of interest among deported people to secure Jamaican identification and other documentation.

The Late Prof. Bernard Headley (Founder)


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